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Tantric Oral - Escort Budapest, Escort Hungary

Call: +36 306428560

Escort Budapest, Escort Tantric Oral, Budapest | 28 year old Female escort
Escort Budapest, Escort Tantric Oral, Budapest | 28 year old Female escort
Escort Budapest, Escort Tantric Oral, Budapest | 28 year old Female escort
Escort Budapest, Escort Tantric Oral, Budapest | 28 year old Female escort

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Budapest escorts

Hello stranger,
first of all thank you so much for clicking on me. Second of all please call me no texts. I am also waiting for you email I can respond you right away.
What u will see here is what i will do to you

1: The Talk:

Do not be scared, it is not that kind of talk! Since I am a psychology major, and I based my therapy not just on the fact that I love to tease dicks with my mouth, but on my studies, I need to ask certain questions, to be sure how to touch you and how far I can go.

I won`t write down all the questions, because it would simply ruin the power of surprise and also the honesty in the reactions of yours. I stole this one from Phoebe Buffay from friends. Sort of. If you have a question to answer and you answer the very first thing that comes up to your mind both parties can be sure that that answer was true. Even if it came from the unconscious.

What is your biggest sexual desire that you managed to achieve?

How do you masturbate? No the questions was how not how often. Learn how to describe the emotions you feel while you are with the person you know the best in the whole wide world.


2: Get naked:

Or would you like me to do this trough your boxers? Well I think I could but lets face it the feeling of wet fabric can be pretty annoying after a while and it is far from intimate and sexy so lets just get rid of the okay?:) (Actually I like to laugh a lot, and humour is a huge part of my life. Do not take lines like this sarcastic, becasue they are not. Sometimes humour can solve so many things and do not forget about it that it can be the easiest way to connect two people who meet for the first time)

Gently lay down on your stomach. Legs apart a little bit. I start to massage the calves with the body butter I bring to you.

(Body butter in my opinion is much better for massages simply because they dont leave stains as oil plus the skin consumes it much faster and it smells much better too:P)

Then I go up to the thighs making sure you r getting relaxed, and by the time I am getting closer to your inner thighs, you are on your way getting ready to the chakra massage which includes your lingam.

Then I go even more way up till your bottom, Butt! Ass!:) with firm movements, I am reaching towards to your sex chakra and yes you are breathing heavily now because you know exactly whats going to happen.

3: Tantric Oral Therapy

/I will talk about the things tricks I do but I won`t describe everything step by step simply because all you beautiful men are different, so my steps are not like rules you have to follow to learn this technique./

You turn around to your back, you put your legs apart, because I will be laying in between your legs to make sure, I can reach all the important areas.

- by the time we are getting here, you will be most certainly almost hard. But at first I will grab you with my hand to make sure you will get ready for the oral massage. (oral and manual tricks switch all the way for better results)

- when you are hard enough I gently start to tease your tip with the tip of my tounge. It can be easy it could look easy but it has a purpose. You will feel a spot on the cock which can actually act like a sort of clit with women. ( I am proud of finding it and talking about it especially because I ve searched for it and noone ever talked about it before me so yaaay Nobel prize for me :P) Plus mostly when men masturbate they r stroking the schlong itself and only at the end they start to take care about the tip which is the most sensitive part of the penis.

- The ten finger massage – Is something which literally could seem like I am a snake charmer playing on my flute but it has a purpose, I am curious if you can find out what it is? (It has to do something with the veins on the side)

- The testicles – during a simple masturbation session obviously you really dont have that time to focus on them balls, and I know for a fact that there are many of you whom neer had the opportunity to feel what does it feel like when your family jewels getting treated the right way with the lips! Do not afraid to try it because even if at first it might be a new strange feeling you will be addicted to it because it can be that good!

- The Drooling! Oh yeah my fav thing:) I have never thought that I can drool a lot. Like OMFG WTF a lot:) But when it comes to this therapy it can be the biggest advantage. Eve with simple jerking lube is crutially important, without it – no kidding – you can harm your skin easily!

Saliva is mother nature`s lube I must say. Imagine a drop of drool flows down on you hard rock cock! So pornoish am I right?:)

- The control! What I do is not about simple release or release as much as you like. No! It is about control your urges until you are ready to come! I know exactly how to stop you a second before you think you cannot handle it anymore. Eventhough you beg to let you come already I will do whatever it takes to give you the pride of being able to stay hard double or triple the time you get used to. Even after the very first session!

- Where to go where to cum! You can come into my mouth:) But if you want me to swallow well thats negotiable:)

So Hereby you could have the chance to get a clue on what the hell is Tantric Oral therapy?:) As my ending I would love to ask you one thing!



Escort Basic Details:
Type: Female escort
Sexual orientation: Straight
Nationality: Hungary
Ethnicity: White
Languages: English almost native, German Basic
Age: 28
Hair Colour: Red
Height: 168 cm / 66 inches
Shaved: Partially
Country: Hungary
City: Budapest
Contact Escort:
Phone: +36 306428560
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